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Meets Business

150+ Visionary Presenters

Hear from our speakers in immersive education sessions on the show floor.

Zone In on Innovation

Immerse yourself in our new specialized zones, designed so you can explore the topics most relevant to your goals and interests, connect with the right experts, and start building your community.

Idea Zone

Explore the latest innovations reimagining the payments industry, with topics on:

  • AI use cases in payments
  • Vertical-specific payments innovation (autos, travel, real estate, insurance, etc.)
  • What’s next for CBDCs, digital currencies & blockchain
  • The Metaverse and Web3
  • The future of BaaS
  • B2B Payments Innovation
  • Wearables & other alternative payment methods
  • The power of data and intelligent money movement
  • Faster vs. RTP & FedNow
  • Soft POS & other Point of Interaction Innovation

Money Zone

Want to amp up your sales and revenue? Visit the Money Zone, where successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and top closers will discuss:

  • Value-based selling to attract and retain customers
  • Growth strategies & revenue models for ISOs
  • Partnerships that grow revenue
  • Omnichannel solutions to improve revenue and CX
  • Tools for growth – building personalized experiences for every merchant and customer, at every level, and at every size
  • Tech solutions for merchant success
  • Maximizing network rule changes
  • New market opportunities (i.e., cannabis, gambling, other)
  • Tools for ISOs to stay relevant in a competitive world
  • How to build the right sales organization

Tech Zone

Here, it’s all about disruption. Uncover how tech is transforming commerce and the customer experience with topics including:

  • Today’s use cases & those on the horizon
  • The embedded players and how they work together (ISVs, Acquirers, Enablers, Processors, Card Brands)
  • Platforms & API’s
  • BNPL & other innovations in Lending & Credit
  • Innovation in embedded banking
  • Future opportunities for the future of ‘embedded’ (i.e., B2B, lending, insurance, etc.)
  • ISVs that are transforming payments & delivering exceptional, frictionless CX
  • Verticals served (i.e., retail, e-commerce, transportation, logistics, healthcare, employment, real estate, etc.)
  • The path to ‘embedded’ for banks, card brands and technology providers
  • Embedded solutions for SMBs

Speciality Zones

Security, Risk, and Compliance

Where are we vulnerable? What’s the latest and greatest in authentication? How can our industry shape digital trust? What’s new on the PCI compliance front?

Topics may include (not limited to):

  • The importance of ethical hacking practices
  • Creating digital trust
  • Good vs. bad actors in AI
  • How fintech is transforming KYC and AML
  • Specialty merchants and high-risk industries
  • Tackling chargebacks and merchant fraud
  • Biometrics and the next big thing in security
  • Cybersecurity / ransomware
  • Priorities for the CFPB
  • PCI compliance updates


What are the actionable skills and learnings that will elevate women to higher levels? How can we educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in payments? What are the key insights that foster empathy, understanding, and inclusivity for all?

Join us for Deep Dive: EMPOW(H)ER program sessions, where women leaders will discuss these critical topics and more, including:

  • The broken rung and how women can keep climbing
  • How to create a neuro-inclusive work environment
  • Mentorship vs. sponsorship and how to maximize both
  • Creating a S.M.A.R.T. plan for your career path
  • From corporate life to entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming setbacks — real-life stories of women who have persevered
  • Ways to improve your professional brand
  • Female founders and funding real talk
  • Work-life balance — achievable, or just a myth?
  • Why workforce diversity is good for the bottom line